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Welcome to DAIS Libraries

The DAIS libraries are an integral part of the learning program empowering students to adapt and thrive in a changing global environment by exploring, learning, creating, and collaborating. The librarians foster a love of reading and learning in addition to modeling and utilizing current technologies to assist students in becoming proficient and responsible users and creators of information. The DAIS libraries strive to:

  • encourage the pursuit of personal interests through reading and research
  • support student achievement of curricular goals and objectives
  • provide up-to-date resources in a variety of formats and the training to use them
  • promote academic excellence and instill academic integrity

Library Information

The DAIS community has access to all of the resources held by the DAIS libraries. Patrons can check out materials for two weeks, and items can be renewed up to two times. For more information, go to each library.

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Meet Your Library Staff

Erin Wilson
Secondary School
Library Media Specialist

Beth Rohrbeck
Elementary School
Library Media Specialist

Dory Wang
BiLingual School
Library Media Specialist


Gabby Zhao
Elementary School
Library Media Assistant

Selina Hao Yanru
Secondary & BiLingual Schools
Library Media Assistant


Library Events ~ Mark Your Calendar

Audiobook Appreciation Month
Great Outdoors Month

June 5 - World Environment Day
June 8 - Best Friends' Day

June 17 - Eat Your Veggies Day
June 20 - Summer Solstice
June 20 - World Refugee Day
June 21 - Father's Day

The Three Rs