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Summer Reading 2020 暑期阅读推荐

When George’s mother asks her pup to add one plus one, two plus two, and three plus three, George would rather eat, go for a walk, and take a nap. But soon George finds himself in a colorful dream about…numbers! Can George count his way out?

In 1848, Mary Walker was born into slavery. At age 15, she was freed, and by age 20, she was married and had her first child. By age 68, she had worked numerous jobs, including cooking, cleaning, babysitting, and selling sandwiches to raise money for her church. At 114, she was the last remaining member of her family. And at 116, she learned to read.



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Importance of Summer Reading 暑期阅读的重要作用


书籍,带给我们与不同时空、不同文化背景的人交流的机会,而这种邂逅,又具不可替代性。”--凯瑟琳*帕特森  儿童文学作家

阅读让我找到栖息之所,指引我,启迪我。在迷失和悲伤之时,在需要甄别之时,在每个夜晚来临之时,我都会开启阅读之旅。手捧书卷,指尖翻过书页,是我最幸福的时刻。”--劳拉* 班森

Let children read!

"Books give us other centuries, other cultures, all kinds of people that you wouldn’t otherwise know."--Katherine Paterson  

"Reading has constantly expanded my world. Reading has been and continues to be my comfort, compass, and conscious. In times of loss and grieving, in periods of discernment, and to close each day, I turn to reading. I am always happiest when right in the middle of a big fat book."-- Laura Bensen